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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dona Family Tool Thread

I've been avidly reading Ofilia Cinta's Lampwork Etc. thread about Carlo Dona's tools.

I've heard they are some of the best and of course I want to know more.

It's filled with photos of the tools and items that have been made with the tools, like the murrini eyes in this fish by Ofilia. (uber-cool, isn't it?)

And the tool names make me smile too. Seeing the "guillotine"...well, that name says it all. It chops murrini just like its namesake.

The fin mold or raggiera, really peaks my interest. Ofilia uses it for her eye canes and I read it's used for flower petal cane as well. I'd really like to try that one out. And it's made in multiple sizes as well. Oh what fun I'd have with these and more. Whether it's his porte cane or rod warmer, or the bellflower presses, I'd love to test them all out and see what they're like.

So stop by the thread and enjoy the photos and comments. I love threads where you really learn something and this one is perfect with that goal in mind.

Ciao. See you tomorrow- Marcy.