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Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue Moon's Website Changes

It's been a fun couple of weeks. I've been enjoying a renewed friendship with Jim and Rose Berry of Blue Moon Glassworks of Austin, TX.

We've been working together to tweak their website and make it a little easier for customers to navigate and find their wonderful products and notice all of the fabulous classes they offer. I've been their "new set of fresh eyes".

I really like how quickly the viewer can find the important aspects of their business when reaching the website. For me, it was important to show that they take Paypal as that is mine and many other artists' major form of payment.

And if you want a little fun, click on their "Get Directions". Once that page loads, click on their little picture and it will bring you to a real view of the shop.

One of my highlights of this website is the tremendous number of photos on it. Starting on the homepage, are photos from the previous month's classes and events. Clicking on "Gallery" will take you to tons of photos from classes, and even it goes all the way back to their opening.

Check out the lampwork classes they offer. I think Stephanie Sersich's class starts this Saturday (have no idea, whether there are spaces, but call if interested), and there are so many other teachers whose classes I'd love to take as well.

So pop by and check out Blue Moon Glassworks. And while you're there, snoop around, enjoy all the photos. classes, products and other glass options.