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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extreme Dog Grooming- Poodle Art

The other night I had the strangest dream about standard poodles wearing jewelry and accessories walking on their hind legs and operating vending machines at a college or art center. (that part wasn't clear)

Not having consumed particularly spicy food, or other strange items, I must say the dream really had me wondering.

I hadn't seen these poodle photos yet, but perhaps they would have made more sense.

These extreme grooming practices have been captured in photos by photographer Ren Netherland.

I picked out just two, but click here for some amazing other shots of poodles looking like bison, pandas, chicken, football players and of course, the ever present peacock. Yes, you read correctly. Actually, the camel one really had me chuckling.

And watch my etsy lampwork glass bead shop for some Studio Marcy beads which might be taking a few of these photos and using them for inspiration.

After all, we always hear, "make your dreams a reality". Maybe I will.

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See you tomorrow.