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Monday, September 7, 2009

Concentration vs. Disbursement

I saw these two wonderful pieces of art by Brooklyn based artist, Soner On.

And after studying both and thinking how different each one was, I noticed some similarities as well.

Isn't it interesting how both are just black and white, and that the main difference is the concentration or disbursement of the color white, on the black surface?

Do you see where your eye travels on each one. Do you see the difference in mood, focus, and emphasis that each one creates?

What really sticks with me is how it relates to what we do for surface decoration on our glass beads.

To me, it's an outstanding illustration of over all pattern or decoration, versus creating a focal point on our beads.

There are times in which each style is needed, whether it's specifically for a piece of jewelry, or solely personal taste.

I hope today's post helps you visualize and become more cognizant of your design process with these fun illustrations. Compliments of artist Soner On.

Come back to read my daily blog tomorrow,
See you then.