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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Glass and Tool Carriers- Sale Today!

I just found this shop on Etsy. It's Bellflower Textiles and Megan is the owner.

Today, Megan is offering 10% off all orders. And just in case you'd like to design your own, she loves to do custom orders as well.

So here's what I do. I use these rollups for my glass, tools and mandrels. I have a variety of them in different sizes. When I travel, I can carry my glass in compartments and give them a soft place and easy to carry format.

At home, I store my mandrels in one of these too. I have quite a variety of sizes and it's nice to be able to go to one place to find the size I'd like to use. One of the important features is the fold down flap at the top. It holds them in after rolling it and with slippery mandrels or glass, that's important.

I have one for my tools as well. When I travel with them, it's really nice again to have them padded, safe, and in one place together. Besides, who doesn't love pretty fabric, that you can toss in the washing machine? Look at length, width, size of pockets, and everything else when choosing yours.

I am in love with Megan's sense of color and pattern on her offerings. The pencil one featured above would make me smile every time I use it.

So think alternative uses. And stop by Bellflower Textiles. Tell Megan you found out about her here.

See you tomorrow right here.