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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seasonal Related Beadmaking

This time of year, the pumpkins, ghosts and goblins are out in full force. Perhaps the kids aren't dressing up, but the beadmakers are selling their work to jewelry makers and private individuals.

I'm always interested in seeing what's being done. How does an individual take a basic theme and make it their own?

I like to use children's books as a resource for ideas. Usually there is a lot of imagination already there in front of your eyes and then re-interpret it to suit my taste and quite honestly, my abilities. Some stuff is just too hard for me to do.

This is a photo of my three little trick or treating bobbleheads that I made last year. (the dog bead doesn't bobble) I wanted to take the seasonal topic and skip the ghosts for a change, but still let the viewer know what holiday it is by the orange pumpkin candy buckets. I just imagined some of the cute little kids coming to my door and it always seems like the bigger sister is the the back row- watching over them. I entered it in FlameTree Glass's Halloween Contest last year.

So are you making Halloween related beads or crafts? What are you doing this year? Changing anything up, or sticking with the ones you know always work? Tell us about it.