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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GTT's Scorpion Torch for Glass

I was lucky to have had a chance to try out Glass Torch Technologies' new "The Scorpion" torch at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Gathering in Miami last month. Unlike its name, I didn't see any sting connected with it.

In fact, it was a blast. I checked out the center fire, which is the same as their smaller torch, "The Cricket" and then cranked it up to a full blast using their jet outer fire. I understand that this surface mix design is to optimize a 10 LPM or two linked five LPM concentrators. Perfect. Just what I own.

The retail price of this baby will eventually be $780, but currently is $650 for GTT's roll out.

Now my biggest question is whether I "need" it. If you haven't read this blog at length, you might not be aware that I already own a few too many torches in my husband's opinion. I'm not using all of them as it is.

But...this one makes so much sense. It works with my current oxygen concentrator, provides more heat and more efficiency than my other larger torches. I must say it's very tempting.

But for now, I'm going to continue contemplating it. And if you have bought one, or have tried it and have comments, I'd love for you to speak up. Possibly you might be swaying me in one direction or another. I just know that I liked what I tried...very much.

Catch you tomorrow for more glassy thoughts.