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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Devardi Glass

I've jumped off the bridge and have decided to give Devardi Glass (104 coe) a try. And yes, I've read the public forum threads about the pros and cons of this glass, but I'm afraid the $5.99/lb price is just a little too enticing.

So I know that I won't be using silver glass mixed in with the bead, but I might use it as a surface decoration. And I don't normally encase, if that is a problem, (although I can't remember whether it is or it isn't).

I just see some of the luscious yummy colors and they are beckoning. And, I can order by the pound, half pound or quarter pound. If they work out, I've got a great deal. If they don't, I haven't spent too much money.

I know to very slooooooowly introduce the thick rods into the flame. I'll be careful, promise.

I just think that they might work for sculptural glass. So often the colors aren't as mixed in with each other as with other styles of beads, so it might turn into a great experience. My fingers are crossed. I've read the comments from those who don't like the glass as well as those who do like it. I sure am hoping that I join the second group.

Hopefully the glass is enroute right now. I'll let you know how my experiments go. And if you download the chart from this site, I think you can see the color numbers a little better. I particularly like D103, D110, D114 and D124... which colors do you like?

See you tomorrow.