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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eye Catching Etsy Weekend Deals

I love that Etsy has a Weekend Deals section. This screenshot is just a small portion of what is available for various discounts.

I like looking at it for a couple of reasons. But for me, it's not just shopping on Etsy.

I use these pages to look at colors and designs. One of the first things I do, is to see which photos my eyes are drawn towards and then try to analyze why that is. Usually I try it with eyes wide open and then again when my eyes are somewhat squinted. It gives me two different perspectives.

It helps me make color choices for my beads and photography choices when I'm shooting them. For the photography, I also notice backgrounds, whether there is motion in the photo and my eye moves across it. It's a great cross section to view.

I love the the simplicity of the top left photo. That little handbag makes my eye zero in immediately. And the deeper color background behind the bottom left pair of light colored earrings really makes them pop.

As for color, I'm drawn to the pink and green flowers that are the second row down and second from the right. I need to be careful that I have enough contrast thought. Both colors are medium intensity, so I'll need something to make sure my finished art "pops".

These items are on sale through the end of today. Stop by the link and view all eight pages of fun stuff.

But before you head out to shop, it's your turn. What do you like and why?