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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Cookie Jars Inspiration for Beads

You know I'm always keeping my eyes open for different types of inspiration.

Have you ever considered cookie jars?
These were purloined from a blog called Retro District, which I enjoy a lot.

Now to be honest, there are only one or two of these which are my style to base a bead on. But the vintage color combinations are always a lot of fun.

I might just look at them a different way. Here I have a variety of eyeballs. (Yep, still on that kick, I'm afraid to say.) But look - there's quite a gamut here. I like the rounded happy face eyes of the man in the bottom right corner, or the "plus signs" for that traditional clown appearance. Both are simple to make and are great reminders that you don't always need to be complex.

So have you guessed which two? I'll give you a clue, they're on the same row. The first person to post on this blog, the correct response, will receive a $15 gift certificate to my StudioMarcy etsy shop. (Please note, if you're reading this on Facebook, the guess must be posted on my blog-