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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Real and Glass Eyes

I've been looking at eyes a lot recently.
Well, I always look at them, but perhaps the word would be more like "studying" them.

I want to improve what I'm doing on my glass human faces and animals, so I've been looking on "glass eyes" sites to see what others are doing.

And I guess I've been checking them
out for one other reason. As someone who has painted watercolors for years, feels quite comfortable with a color wheel and loves color, I always have a hard time deciding whether to respond blue or green when asked.

So I found this handy glass eye chart, that is much bigger in person, (check it out, it's kind of fun) to help me decide.

The closest I can find is "mediterranean". But my eyes seem to change colors when I wear certain clothes, so I'm not sure. Perhaps I'll just call them Gecko.

I kind of like the pupils on these eyes here and here too. Some of the sites talk about the glass eyes being "mouth blown". I am not sure of the process that they use for that. Anyone here know the answer?

So just wanted to bring up the topic on eyes. For my less expensive beads, the layered dot system works just fine, and on small pieces, probably looks better too. But now it's also time to do some discovery on other methods that can add some depth and presence to my bigger pieces.

Have thoughts? Please comment. And if you have an opinion on my eye color, I'd welcome that too. And don't look too closely...seeing that photo reminds me of the joke that I'm going shopping to find shoes to match the bags under my eyes.

See you tomorrow at