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Monday, August 24, 2009

Rose Colored Glasses

Portuguese industrial designer, Luis Porem designed these RGB Rainbow Glasses so that the wearer can fill the hollow transparent frames with colored inks.

He created them for the Opus Design Award, an international eyewear design competition.

Sounds like fun to me! Did anyone have those clear drinking straw eyeglasses as child? We'd put one end into our colored drink and the liquid would run up one side and all the way around our eyes like glasses to the other end which terminated in our mouth for drinking. I need to poke around. I might still have a pair somewhere. They always make me laugh.

I'm thinking these could hold adult beverages, or even cold medicine- so many ideas...and such fun to contemplate. Now if they could just make them to hold my lampwork didymium lenses- that could be so cool.

What have you done outside of the box recently?