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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cookie Jar Bingo

Thanks so much for making some guesses about the cookie jar contest on my 8/21 blog post . I'm so glad you tried. But I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that no one guessed correctly this time. I'll do more of these posts where you can win something, though, promise.

My two cookie jars that I like the best are the pig with yellow pants and the birds on the right hand side. The pig has great sculptural definition, (sounds a bit like a pig body builder, doesn't it?) I like his bow tie, his jowls and definitely the way his cute little piggy feet turn in.

And the birds are....well, birds. If you've ever seen my earlier work, almost every bead had a bird sitting on a head, a shoulder or somewhere.

I continue to feature birds often. My studio overlooks my backyard, which has a couple of bird feeders, and my neighbor calls it Cinderella's garden with the small animals scampering among my feathered friends. I'm just waiting for two mice to start a conversation with me. I have a feeling that as long as my wall of windows open to the sounds and sights, there will always be something flying around my glass beads that I offer.

Check back tomorrow You know I'll have a juicy little post for you.