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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mutual Admiration Society

Mutual Admiration Society between Sylvie and Marcy.

It's always a little awkward writing about someone who has written something really sweet about you.

I read the nicest thing about me the other day on Sylvie Lansdowne's blog. You see, Sylvie is a super fantastic beadmaker and friend, who always seems to understand and "get" what I'm thinking about and doing. She is very smart regarding the business and marketing end of this business as well. I always appreciate her opinions.

So the other day, when she asked whether I had read her blog, I scooted over there quickly.
Sylvie and I recently had supper together, and had discussed a gamut of ideas, brainstorms and of course our families.

I would be blushing if I reprinted what she said, so I'm giving you a BIG BOLD LINK HERE to go read it. (lol). Aw shucks. It sure made me feel good.

And I wanted you to see her T-shirt that she designed. I love it. You can find it HERE.
And of course I want you to see her amazing beads and bead kits (oh, you're gonna love these) HERE.

So now that I've sent you all over the internet, please don't forget to come back HERE tomorrow, for more glass & creativity chat.