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Monday, January 5, 2009

Tool Lust

I'm in Tool Lust.

I saw this Carlo Dona tool called a "Spoons Crimp" and I fell in love. I know that somehow I need it, but not sure exactly for what.

The spoon itself is 1 1/16" which is too large for ears , but might make a dandy base for bowls and other roundish items. (where was it when I was making my cereal/noodle bowl in my previous post?)

I just don't have the extra $189.00 plus shipping for it.....yet.

I think I need to contemplate this tool and his other crimps a little more and find a way to justify it in my mind as to why I really, truly need it. And perhaps I don't. It could be a figment of my imagination, which could be a relief also.

If you want to look at more of the beautifully made tools by master tool maker Carlo Dona from Italy, visit and feel free to drool along with me.

And if you have suggestions as to how I can use it, please feel free to post those too.