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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Glass Resolutions for 2009

Every year I make glass resolutions. It's almost like I have an overall concept of a revised Mission Statement in my head and they are the steps to back it up. They're areas that I would like to enhance or focus some of my energy.

2009 Glass Resolutions

1. Add more movement to my pieces. Make them look and feel less static.

2. Work on some big, "out of the box" projects. I have two major ones that hopefully I'll complete in 2009. I've been making beads and branched into more assemblages and bobbleheads in in '08. It's time to take it step further.

3. Make more jewelry out of my glass and actually remember to wear it. I get so wrapped up in creating glass for others, I forget to make some wonderful pieces for myself
4. Teach in more locations. I want to travel and spread the joy of sculptural glass. I'm teaching (2) two-day classes in February for the Southern Flames and then a two day class in Miami for the Gathering. I'd love to help others either learn or improve their sculptural glass in a fun and relaxed manner.

5. I'd like to branch out and add a "gallery" style line to my work. I have other sides of my glass that I don't show that are more serious and inspired by people's connection to nature. I'd like to explore that facet of interest in glass.

6. I would like to be more "deliberate" in each of my beads. Think each one through, before making them. Work harder towards improvement.

7. And perhaps I should stop taking photos with my computer's camera first thing in the morning before brushing my hair and putting on make up. (Sorry about this- I just didn't have a photo to go with this post and decided to wing it.)

Happy 2009 to each and every one of you fellow glass lovers. Wishing you joy and health and of course, plenty of glass.

I would love to hear some of your resolutions or focuses for this new year. Please share with us.