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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Off With Her Head- Bobbleheads and Colds

Are there ever days that you think you'd be better off without your head?  Your throat burns, your eyes don't fully open,  your nose runs and your ears ache?   

Some days I'd like to trade places with one of my Bobblehead glass figurines.  Like this Marie Antoinette for instance, whose head can easily be removed.  She lost her head in the French Revolution and although I'm sure she didn't feel any better for it, at least these darn head colds can't get to her anymore.

Of course I'm kidding about ever wanting to trade places with sweet Marie, (even if she is carrying her own cake),  but I do wish there was an easier remedy for full tilt boogie colds. If anyone has a favorite remedy out there or even product, feel free to post it.  I'd really like to bounce back soon. I miss making beads.  Strong cold medicine and 2000 degree torches do not mix.