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Friday, January 16, 2009

Glass Fire Breather Perfect for Valentines Day

This year, I wanted to design some different Valentines Day glass beads and sculptures. Yes, I'm sure the traditional hearts, flowers and chocolates will be good sellers, but as usual, I wanted to also offer something a little different.

Here is my first design. It's a Valentine Dragon. I'm going to make a variety of my little animals and creatures each with a heart. This one is sold already, but I've got another new dragon to list later today. She's periwinkle blue with green accents and a red heart. Rather cute, if I do say so myself. Look for other styles in the upcoming days. Nothing says "I love you" like a fire breather.

I saw these chocolate food charms with hearts on
another blog. (I wish I could remember where.) They didn't say who made them or where you could buy them, but they also seemed like a good inspiration for bead makers. They combine hearts and chocolates which has to be a good bet. It gives the holiday a little sweeter and they'd be cute year 'round too.

What are you offering for Valentines Day? I'd love to hear about it and feel free to add a link in your comment too.

Tomorrow, I should have some of my Key West photos downloaded and I'll tell you about my trip and some of the inspiration I found while there. It will be a chatty post, I'm sure. I'm still missing the warm, balmy weather since we returned to chilly Atlanta.