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Monday, January 19, 2009

Stuffed Vultures & Other Monday Musings

I couldn't resist this photo and caption that I saw on a website...

"When you give a plush Vulture to someone you Care about....
You'll Make Them Feel Really Special & Loved"

Nothing says love, like a Vulture, I always say!

Now for some musings...
My twenty something musician son was discussing a fabulous group he saw live in Atlanta the other night. He was talking about the music they played.  It included songs that wouldn't be well known to a general listening audience, but to well versed musicians, they would be really cool.  He was talking about the songs being, "musicians' music". That got me to thinking.  Do we have the equivalent in glass?  Do we look at some beads in absolute awe and think they're fabulous, when the untrained eye or person who uses beads in jewelry wouldn't recognize the skill and art that goes into some?  Have you thought about that?  And are there some beadmakers who you think make "beadmakers' beads" who we recognize, but perhaps the public does not?  If so, who are they?

And here are a few kudos and a small pat on the back....
*A huge congratulations to Maureen McRorie of FlameTree Glass who did win the Frabel Novice Glass Award.  I am so happy for her and thank any of you who were so kind as to vote for her.  She deserved it.
*And to blog reader Louise Ingram congratulations for winning second place in the Dec./Jan. contest and a $75 gift certificate for  I won second place in the other category and the same gift certificate.  Louise and I are debating which items we'll choose from their selection.  Lots of brass tools and tough decisions.

So to all of you, I'm sending a virtual plush vulture, because I want you to feel special and loved. Thanks for reading my blog and please feel free to click on the button that says, "Follow My Blog The Easy Way" down on the right hand side.  You won't miss any that way.

See you tomorrow!