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Friday, January 23, 2009

Craft Gossip- The Glass Art Writer and Her Many Websites

Do you ever notice someone and think, "This person really rocks. I need to keep an eye out and watch what she's doing." I've found that person, her name is Lori Greenberg.

You probably know her or have heard of her. She's a glass artist and a writer and recently started writing for the Craft Gossip Blog Network. She covers glass areas like casting, lampwork, stained glass, fusing, blowing, mosaic, sea glass, etc. You can find her almost daily posts by clicking here.

Lori featured my Free Ice Cream Tutorial
the other day, but the best part about it was the amount of exploring and information that I found on that website when I went over there to look. You want to know more about glass...or Indie Crafts, Quilting, Jewelry Making, etc., pop by, but plan on reading for awhile.

Lori told me that she feels like she has all this info and thoughts inside of her that need to burst out. "When I find something interesting or that works for me, I want to share it with the world", she explained.

Lori is also the mastermind behind the "Watch Me Create"blog. I'm lucky to be one of the bead artist writers there who write about their creative processes. If you haven't, check it out.

And of course as a bead artist, Lori has her online bead shop website called, Where you can find her latest offerings.

But for me, I saved the one that I love the most for last. Her Bead Nerd site covers everything you want to know about the art business side- it is packed with technical information, (I really need this) selling skills, how to be more efficient, and so much more. If you read and practice her tips, I promise you'll come out ahead.

And now I'm off to read her article from a Wiki about "How To Dress Like An Artist". The title brings back a funny memory of when an out of state student came to my home studio for private lessons. I saw her physically surprised when she met me, which made me laugh to myself. Later, we chatted about it. I told her what I noticed and asked her whether she was expecting me to look differently? She said "yes, you're an artist. I expected you to look like one." I responded that when I had previously left a message, her answering machine had classical music on it. I didn't know how old she was or anything about her, so I dressed in some of my more conservative "Suburban middle-age Mom" clothes, which is partly who I am too. We shared quite a laugh, but it also taught me a lesson about mistaken assumptions. So I'm off to read Lori's post and find out which wardrobe adjustments I need to make.