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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have You Tried the Typealyzer for Your Blog?

Have you joined in and tried the Typealyzer on your blog yet?  I did and this is what it said about how I was thinking when I am writing my blog.

And then it shows me which areas (if any) of my brain are dominant when I'm writing it.  As I'm usually writing it at the crack of dawn, I was thankful to see at least some of my brain was functioning.

And of course it makes me smile to see that none of my imagination section of my brain works while writing the blog.  Looks like I'm going to have to change things up a bit.  Perhaps this is too dry for fellow artists.  But seriously, I do try to include some details and explanation for what I'm doing in glass and how I feel about things, so perhaps it's a little closer than I think.  And I have to say, that  the above paragraph "The Performers" does suit me pretty well.  

Try it out on your blog, if you have one.  Or on other blogs that you read and see how close it gets.  It's a fun activity that gets you smiling no matter what.

And I'd like to thank Julia Benson-Slaughter of "Art of the Fire Bird"  whose interesting and enjoyable blog brought this to my attention.  (and here's an item in her Etsy shop that I really like too.)