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Monday, January 12, 2009

Key West Greetings

I went cold turkey and didn't bring my computer on vacation, so my friend who has intermittent access let me use hers. ( I think I was beginning to twitch because it had almost been a full 48 hours without one.)

Just wanted to send out a quick "hi" and let you know that this place is really pretty. We're staying in Jimmy Buffet's old house and it's got some of his memorabilia still here. The canal is out the back door and we use the 2 person kayak to paddle around. We've hit the beach, a few galleries, eaten fresh fish and tonight we're going on a sailboat to watch the sunset. What a change of pace! I've taken lots of photos for future bead ideas and today spent a lazy morning weaving palm fronds to make a little boat to send down the canal with some flowers in it. I hope some kid sees it and wonders about its origin.

I'll fill you in on the details when I return and tell you more about life down here. It's a pretty crazy group of people and so sunny and warm.

Back to the pina coladas now.....