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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Sculptural Bead Packaging of Choice...Baby Socks!

I just need to clarify, no adorable chubby baby feet have been left to get chilly due to this quirky packaging idea of mine.

When you're needing to transport your sculptural glass beads, it gets quite time consuming and unwieldy, wrapping them in layers of bubble wrap and tissue to protect the protruding pieces from being bumped.

My solution is to use thick baby socks. Yes, you read this correctly. I buy them from our local Dollar Store. They come three pairs for $1.00, which means I can protect a minimum of six beads or more. I can re-use them, and just pop them in the washing machine when they get dirty. They fold and contour to each bead. Then I place them in a padded 6 pack beverage container which easily zips up. (I find those at the Dollar Store too!) It's lightweight and easy to transport. Now you have it, my quick, easy and inexpensive (as well as good for the environment) re-usable packaging and transportation system. Do you have a method that is a little offbeat too? Post it and let us know. I've included a photo of my glass lampwork Christmas ornaments all protected in baby socks.