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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Joy Of Adding Little Details to Your Beads

One of the benefits of making whimsical sculptural beads, is that I sometimes chuckle while doing it.

I can add details that make me laugh, and hopefully my customers will have a similar sense of humor too.

This is the backside of "Kayla" my sassy hula dancing Panda bear. She's wearing her grass skirt, (made from grass green and black striped stringer), and a flowered lei.

I added some rather large dots so she would have a curvy and obvious tail end. I thought a low hanging grass skirt would be the perfect complement for those "assets".

So hopefully you'll think of an extra detail to add to your next bead that both makes you smile and enhances what you're trying to show.

Kayla is currently in my shop, if you'd like to see the other views of her, feel free to head over there.

I think tomorrow's post will be interesting to all glass artists. I have to take some photos and make some beads to go with it first. Stop by if you can.