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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thor the Viking on Squidoo

Have you seen Thor yet? He's a lampwork glass bead Viking who has been turned into a retractable ballpoint pen on a wood base. Somewhere he read that the pen is mightier than the sword and he's exploring that possibility.

Thor has taken time out from his busy days of pillaging and plundering, because he is one of the featured artisan products in "Uber Cool Handmade or Decorated Pens" on Squidoo.

It's worth taking the time off. He is trying to become more of a chick magnet and if he's working all the time, it's very hard to meet them. The old Viking ways aren't too PC right now.

Stop by and visit him along with other items in my shop. If you aren't familiar with Squidoo and their lenses, spend a little time there too. There are all kinds of interesting topics and you can learn a lot by reading them. Maybe make one yourself too? Lori, who is wordvixen on Etsy wrote this one. Thank you Lori!

Thor is also available in my etsy shop, along with other artisan lampwork glass pens which make great presents for collectors and people with a great sense of fun. Please don't forget, I love custom orders!