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Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspiration Monday ~ And You Wonder Where I Find It?

Halloween Costumes are a wonderful source of inspiration.

Chubby babies in funny costumes always make me smile.
What is nice about babies in costumes, is that they're are already pretty much shaped like beads, and they are always

If you are looking for a character figure, adult costumes work well for those. They're online and a great resource. The thing about many costumes, is that they've already done the simplification and the research for you. If you're making a small glass figure, you can't have too much detail, but want the "essence" of what you're trying to convey. Costumes have narrowed those decisions down for you, and you can take the inspiration and go from there.

If you've used a costume as a bead inspiration, please send me a costume and then bead photo. Let's post them. And if this write up reminds you of some inspiration that you've recently used, I'd love for you to comment about it here too.

See you tomorrow,