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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Creativity Class Challenge

I'm in a fun creativity class that Sylvie Lansdowne has designed and is running. She is one of the most imaginative people I know. And her beads are stunning too.

Sylvie gave us each a black and white botanical photo with three colors and we were to interpret it however we wanted. This was mine.

As those three colors are not exactly in my soft glass palette, I had some improvising to do

I loved the photo immediately and thought how hard it would be.
It was. Those arms are too fragile to make in soft glass, so I knew I had to round them up a bit, but still give it a similar look. I could use the three colors however I chose, and I could only make one bead as an interpretation. It reminds me of drawing classes where you do the 15 minute sketch that gives you an idea of the picture, but not the details that practice and more work would give you.

That pink color was a tough one. I tried all kinds of glass to get that original shade, and knew that I needed a different pink to show up against my orange. So I have CIM Gelly Sty Pink cased in their Berry Transparent, (can't remember the name.)

After we made the first bead, (which I call my Tropical Palm), we could make a second one that uses elements of the first, or if someone suggested an idea, we could do that. I saw those little sculptural pieces and they looked like pigtails to me. So I made a face. Having only three colors limits you on facial features, so I used one of my tools to show them. (She is already spoken for, but the first bead is listed here in my etsy shop.)

After looking at my first bead, it was suggested that I make some flamingos out of it. That's a wonderful idea and at some point I probably will.

Have you started in one direction and then changed course because it inspired you to go in a different direction? What did you do? I'd love to hear about it.

And please visit my Etsy Shop. I add a few new beads daily and love doing custom order for you too.