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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Cricket Torch Arrived!

Woo Hoo... It's My CRICKET!

Here's my actual torch taken with my computer's camera.
Please do not notice either the dust or the messy bookshelves behind me.

I know I've been blog tagged, but that will wait until tomorrow, because I have a new torch to tell you about today.

My new GTT Cricket torch arrived and I'm excited. I haven't connected it yet, but wanted to show everyone what one looks like, if you haven't seen one. Mine is pink with lime green knobs. I know the price of this one sure caught my attention quickly. (Introductory sale base price $139 USD, plus color upgrades that I chose.)

I tried this out at the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) Gathering this summer while it AND another Cricket were hooked up to a 10 LPM concentrator. It had a nice strong flame and could focus down to a small point pretty well too. My try out time was short, and it was late at night, but I sure liked the idea that I could hook two torches to my 10 LPM Regalia concentrator at home. It was designed specifically to maximize the abilities of low flow oxygen concentrators like a 5 LPM.

If any of you readers out there know whether there is a torch mounted marver that fits with it, please let me know. That's part of my delay of hooking it up. I use my marver so much, I'd like to have one before I switch over. My trusty Minor needs to go get a good cleaning. Once that happens, I'll try hooking both up and see how well that experiment goes and let you know.

Do you have a Cricket? Or a torch that you think is exceptional? Tell us about it. So often people ask for recommendations for torches, but I'm always reticent to suggest, unless I've used a certain model extensively.

Tomorrow will be tag day about me and I'm sure something about glass and beadmaking. Next week, I'll be announcing two 2-day classes that I'm teaching in February and how to sign up for the lottery to get into them.

Until then, happy torching!