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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ethiopia, Lampwork Glass Beads & HOPE Bracelets

Each year, the non profit organization, HOPE Bracelet Project asks beadmakers from around the world to donate beads which help residents of Yetebon, Ethiopia.

Bracelets are made and sold in the USA from these beads and funds are raised to make an annual trip to Ethiopia to teach students at the Medhame-Alem School. The school teaches vocational and skills to adult men and women which in turn raises the quality of life for their entire community.

This year, beadmaker extroadinaire, Kim Miles and her husband are raising funds to go to Yetebon and teach beadmaking. It's an expensive trek.

Kim is known for generously working with publicizing and donating to this organization. It is through her website (, that we annually sign up to donate 100 bracelet sized beads for this group. Kim's beads are always in demand, and she donates some of her work as prizes for a drawing for people who participate. I was lucky enough to win one a few years ago. Along with many others, I support this annually.

Kim needs help reaching her fundraising goal to get to Africa. I'm hoping that some of my readers will consider donating to her travel fund. She has some lovely jewelry that you can possibly win, if you help out. Here is her donation page, and more explanation.

And here is the bead donation page, if you would like to help out. You don't need to donate 100 beads, but I'd love it if you joined our group who does. You can find the donation information here.

Not a beadmaker, but want to donate? There are links for that too. They need other bracelet making supplies & cash as well as Kim's blog ( has a wishlist from the organizer, The Cunningham Foundation, for the school including items that are specific for classes in biology, math, chemistry, languages and general items like tape recorders, pens, pencils, sports balls and flash drives.

I hope you take a minute to check out some of the links I've provided. There is more information through and