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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please Help Us Make This the Best Christmas Ever for Glass Blower Justin Trott

Hey friends-
Aren't these cute kids? They're glass blower Justin Trott's kids and I'd love your help to make this a good Christmas for them.

Yesterday, I had this weird feeling that I needed to check in with sweetie pie extraordinaire, Jessica Boggs, (whose flamework mermaids are so gorgeous). I read the following note on her facebook page and then contacted her about it. She said, help her get some Christmas present to the kids. The daughter is 12 and the boys are like 5 & 6. The daughter likes craft things and the sons are typical little boys with superhero and truck type wishes. So read below what she wrote and please help a fellow glass artist if you can.

A little background information from Justin.

My name is justin trott i am 35 years old.. I am from Salem, Massachusetts.. I lived in upstate ny from 1995-2003 and I now live in upstate NY again, 2003 till 2009 I was in the colorado mnts I had a Glass Gift store in Gunnison, Colorado till i got sick.. In february I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called , CHONDROSARCOMA. there is no known treatment for the tumors that this type of cancer causes, only removal. In june I had a tumor removed on my right pelvis and they had to remove much of the muscle and tendons on my right side , along with a large piece of my pelvis bone. It has left me with a hard time walking/ or standing for any length of time.. I am a single father. I have 3 children ., they are my life, other than art, of course.I have more surgeries to go, but I will push on thru and live life to it's fullest..I have been lampworking for 13 years. I work borosilicate the most> I am mostly self taught. although I spent many hrs in the library at Corning Museum , so I must thank them and all the artists that have videos there,,Had it not been for that I would not have even known how to accomplish 1/2 of the things I have.. I have never taken a class with any glass artists..but I have taught quit a few people what i have learned on my best friend Richard Balanda was the first person that I taught, 12 yrs ago ,and we are working together again, now that I am back in NY..I have been working alone for 6 yrs and it is nice to back around another glass artists again... :-)

...The Jessica wrote:

Please help us raise money for for Justin for a lathe by sending donations through Paypal ( This will enable him to work longer in glass.

Brent Graber is donating all sales of his DVD on

Andy Ray has a few "Handy Andy Tweezer" on

if you would like to send a glass piece instead for the raffle, please send it to
Gemstone and Bead
Jessica Boggs
1937 N. Military Trail.
Suite I
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33463

We are also trying to collect Presents for his three Children. Please send them to his direct address
Justin Trott
933 rt 11 apt N5
Kirkwood, NY. 13795

For any further questions
Please contact me
Jessica Boggs
Thank you so much for all of your support.
And from me, Marcy.... I know how busy and strapped we all are around the holidays. Even if you can't help in a financial or gift way, perhaps could you help spread the word through your blog, facebook page or online boards? Thanks so much. Kind of puts life into perspective, doesn't it? I see stories like this and feel so darn lucky and thankful.

See you tomorrow. I'm heading out to find a little something for the kids.