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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fish Bringing Peace

Please note: if you are easily weirded out, please stop reading now.

Recently, I was contacted by a step mom who had lost her young adult step son. She had his ashes and wanted to incorporate them into glass somehow. Her husband, his dad, was heartbroken and together they had decided that this might be good for the family who was grieving.

We chatted a bit and she decided that because he loved to fish, that would be a suitable way to commemorate him and that none of the cremains would be visible.

Here are the fish that I made for her. I have to say, that this custom work was one of the saddest, but most rewarding jobs that I have done. She came in, saw them and cried because they were even better than she had dreamed. She said that she hoped that this would bring some peace to the family.

Of course, I was so sad too for this family. But the idea of helping them sure made it a lot easier. I had worked with pets before, but never humans. The idea of it had me taken aback a bit, but I knew the results were what was important.

So would I do it again? Yes, of course. The Step Mom's reaction showed me how I could make a difference in a family's grieving. I'm all for that.

Have you done something similar to this? Tell us about it and how you handled it.
See you tomorrow.