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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey Cupcake

I thought you'd want to see what a real $750.00 dessert cupcake looks like. Yes, that was not a typo.

This is the Decadeance D'Or cupcake from the Sweet Surrender candy and cupcake shop in the Palazzo Resort on the Las Vegas strip.

Edible gold flakes top the
100-year-old Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, Palmira Single Estate Chocolate and Tahita Gold Vanilla Caviar baked into this luscious cupcake.

Personally, I think it's cool, but if you have $750 to spend in spare change, please stop by my Etsy shop, You can get a lot more for your money and I'll even sprinkle my beads with gold leaf. ;)

Hope your holiday weekend was merry and that you are not on sugar overload like I am.

I'm heading home today. Looking forward to warmer weather and catching up with what I missed. And being a little sad saying good bye to my friends and family out West.