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Friday, December 18, 2009

Complete Lampwork Set up Available

Unfortunately, another lampworking friend is closing up her shop to follow other avenues. I'm sad to see her go. Here are her complete photos of what's available.

You can contact her for all her details at

Complete Lampworking Set-up

Complete lampworking set-up for both soft glass and Borosilicate. Includes the following and more, all in excellent, gently used condition:


  • Nortel Red Max torch with top-mounted pre-mix minor burner and marvering pad
  • 12-foot hoses and all connections, gauges, flash-back arrestors, etc. for both oxygen and propane tanks
  • 27” x 55” steel desk work space with two handy drawers
  • Creation Station with universal arm and hand rest
  • Olympic kiln digital programmable Model HB 86 E, 13 x 13 x 20 (outside dimensions) with stand
  • Custom-made exhaust system featuring a galvanized hood with mounted fluorescent light and a duplex electrical outlet to handle attaching additional lighting if desired, Suncourt DB 210 in-line duct fan and ducting to fit standard 36” double-hung window. Separate carbon monoxide detector can be included.
  • Propane tank


  • Good supply of mandrels including 1/16” x 9” & 12”, 1/8” x 9”, 5/32” x 9”, button mandrel, custom made mandrel holder stands.
  • Suede welder’s apron
  • 2 pair high-quality lampworking eyeglasses
  • Good selection of various tools including different size tweezers, mashers, graphite marvering tools, button and lentil graphite molds, Zoozii Kalera Trio and Lentil Trio brass molds, glass rod holders, etc.
  • Several glass-making books and DVDs
  • Linoleum used as floor protection (if desired), and a naugahyde protective screen (to stop flying glass) on custom-made supports (see photo)


  • ¼ - ½ lb. lots of most colors of Moretti glass and much larger quantities of white, ivory, black and clear
  • Selection of frits, powders, and other goodies
  • Large selection of beads -- semi-precious, glass, crystal (Swarovski), bone, etc.