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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creative Flavor Combination in a Chocolate Bar

Anyone else looking for a unique way to usher in the New Year? I know most think of champagne, but what about the age old chocolate bar? Except, this one isn't too old in its ingredients.

This Christopher Michael chocolate bar contains 41% Venezuelan milk chocolate, bacon, sea salt and popping candy (pop rocks), so it's bound to contain unique flavors.

I just think it sounds like it has potential in an off kilter type of way. Bacon, sea salt and chocolate sound great. I'm wondering what the pop rocks add to it?

And I know it has won awards at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon.

What I like about this combination is that is creative and has flavors I really enjoy. My hat is always off to folks who seek new twists to a traditional subject. I'd say this exemplifies it.

Anyone brave enough to try it? Here is where you can find it. It retails for $7.

See you tomorrow...