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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creation Is Messy's Stone Ground Glass

Recently, I was lucky enough to join the ranks of testers for Creation Is Messy glass.

I have been a big fan of the colors that they provide to increase my palette, especially with my sculptural glass.

My angel shown here was made from entirely CIM glass. I love the colors.

One of the colors that I really love is Stone Ground, which is similar, but not exactly the same as Moretti's Opal Yellow. I used it in my angel's hair and was so happy to have found it. It makes a perfect pale blonde and will go well as part of my "fur palette" as well. Can't you picture a Golden Retriever or Blonde Lab with their coats this color?

One of the cool things about CIM's website is that there are comparisons listed on the website, so you can see the colors being used in real beads and comments by the users. If you click on the angel link above, you'll arrive at a page that showcases what I mean.

If you haven't had a chance to poke around on that website, take a few minutes to enjoy it and scout out new colors.

I noticed an opaque light blue (called "Zachary") that will be fantastic when it joins the ranks sometime in December.

So go hit up their website and enjoy how artist friendly it is. And while you're there, look at all the artist examples using the glass. It sure helps for visualization for your own work as well.

See you tomorrow, right here-