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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ancient Roman Glass Shards for sale on Etsy

I noticed this listing yesterday and thought I'd bring it to your attention.

According to the Etsy seller, RockLogic, these shards are 2000 years old and there are over 2 lbs for sale at the cost of $387.00.

They were excavated in Israel, but are called Roman because they date to the Roman era. These are approximately 50BC to about 100 AD.
Apparently many have an iridescent patina and some pieces are over 2" long.

Are any of you like me? I'd love to hold these in my hands and really look at them carefully. But there is something in me that truly would love to melt some of it too and form some beads out of this old glass.

You can find the listing HERE. If you buy it, please email me or post and let me know more about it. Or feel free to post here if you are looking for someone to share the cost with you. This could be a treasure waiting to happen.

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