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Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Falling

I did it! I went skydiving yesterday. Maximum speed according to the altimeter was 152 mph.

My family went to to celebrate my husband's birthday.

My new bff Chuck was my tandem partner. This flight with him was his 2050th. Talk about experience!

If you haven't had this adventure before, it's a little hard to explain. I was strapped extremely tightly to a stranger, and plummeted out of an airplane at 14,000 feet. We did our free fall to 5,000 feet before Chuck pulled the chute. The view was amazing and I think we laughed, chatted and smiled the entire way down.

So here's the dirt. I'm scared of heights. And to be honest, I did close my eyes for a few seconds as we exited the plane. It's a little hard being brave while kneeling in front of the open door the first time attached to a stranger, (we weren't new bffs until after we landed). We did a somersault on the count of three out of it and I quickly opened my eyes because I didn't want to miss any more. After that, it was a lot of fun and an amazing adventure. One of the best parts was looking out around the countryside from above the top of the clouds. Talk about feeling close to nature.

Would I do it again? You bet. And if you are ever considering trying it at "The Farm" I highly recommend Chuck. His explanation of what's going to happen, plus what's going on while it's happening made me feel safe with the equipment and let me thoroughly enjoy the adventure because of my confidence with his expertise. Can't ask for more than that.