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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Favorite Tools

I thought I'd show you some of my favorite tools that I use in today's StudioMarcy blog post. I think we all have some trusty stand bys and it always interests me what appeals to different people.

And of course I'm wondering which tools do you use all the time? Please post and let us know.

Left to Right:
A.Pliers- these are kind of an all around type tool- for mashing, pulling and poking
B. Ruffling Pliers for wire wrapping-called concave. Ah, great for animal ears, tutus, flower petals and other small curvy stuff. (Thanks to Jen Geldard for introducing me to them.)
C. tweezer mashers or equivalent are helpful. Why work with the larger ones, when these will do? Their small size can angle in to mash small areas too.
D. slotted paddle- this is hard to find, but I love mine. I can level animal legs in one movement.
E. Stump Shaper- probably my favorite tool of all. It does so much and I use all sides and angles on it.
F. Razor blade - thin creases for sculptures
G. imprinter or equivalent- small presses that add texture or design to my beads

Not pictured- barbecue mashers, "poke small holes" tools like the Whimsicalities brand, glass or kitchen shears and my trusty torch mounted marver that I use all the time.

I don't use all of these tools every time I torch. Feel free to check out my lampwork beads in my Etsy shop and see whether you can figure out where I used them. I don't always use them, but a lot of times, there's that extra little bit that uses one or more of them.

So let us know what tools you love. Who knows, it might become someone else's new favorite too.

See you tomorrow!