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Thursday, July 16, 2009

From Purse to Bead?

I like looking all over for inspiration. I recently saw this handbag, and I swear, it looks like a bead with a handle to me.

So I thought I'd go over my thought process and how I would approach changing this purse into a bead.

I'd start with a chubby barrel shape in Moretti's dark gray. Next I'd add a swipe of dark ivory for the face and chest, not worrying too much on shape, because I will be adding wings.

I'd add the face next starting with the eyes working from the outside of them towards the center stacking dots and melting them in.

Next, I'd add the eyebrows after warming up the eye area and pushing it into the diagonal shape, then dotting on the beak & chin.

The wings with the original dark gray could be added next and I'd probably use the sharp end of my stump shaper to form the texture. There's probably a tail on the back side, which is an important feature for any bird- probably 2-3 swooshes of glass for that. I'd also add texture to the front body section with a piece of round brass tube or something like that.

Finally, I'd add some large dots for ears and pull them into shape. A final adjustment on the features and bada bing, I'm done.

Now that I've provided a blueprint for you- let's see some owls out there. Different colors, shapes and faces will all be enjoyed. Here's a little lampwork bead that I made before I saw this handbag.

See you tomorrow.