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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guard Your Memories

You know, you get your inspiration in funny places.

Recently, I was leafing through a fashion magazine and saw an advertisement of a British Guard with a model trying to make him smile.

It reminded me of a wonderful trip I took and spent a little time remembering it. Well, it must have stayed on my mind, because a little bit later the red, ivory, black, pink and goldstone all were chosen for my next bead.

I know that his simplified uniform is not the original, but I bet, because of his hat and the colors, that most people recognize this cute little bead's inspiration. When making sculptural beads, your "canvas" is so small, that you have to boil down to the essentials to get your artistic point of view across.

Do you have some happy memories that would make a fun focal bead? Feel free to contact me and let's chat. I love making custom orders and it's so much fun to have a token of what's special to you. I make sculptural beads for large hole bracelets like Pandoras too.

See you tomorrow.