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Friday, July 31, 2009

Cleo Dunsmore - Presented at The Gathering

Cleo Dunsmore not only makes outstanding glass fish, but has a way of speaking that you know immediately, she's an artist.

I was lucky enough to meet her prior to her presentation at the Gathering and see her beads in advance. All I can say is if you pick one up, you want one...or more.

These trout and other fine finned friends are beautifully rendered in glass. The details are true to the creature, and yet, they look and feel like a 3" treasure that you get to hold in your hand.

Cleo and I chatted and she told me a little about her life. I mean, how many people do you know who actually own an art car? (I'm a big fan of those!) Her passion for what she does shows in her conversations. But you need to check out her website as well. Because I must say, her goddess and totem beads seem to be very true to who she is as well. She has a multi faceted personality and each type of bead reflects a different part of it.

So if you didn't know Cleo, you should. Not only is her glass beautiful, but so is her spirit. She is warm, interesting and looks for the good in all. I was so glad to have met her at the Gathering this year and hope to see her in future years.