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Monday, July 6, 2009

Choose The Look You Love

Living in Atlanta, GA is synonymous with Land of Coca-Cola, so I tend to pay attention to what's going on with this brand. Moving to the South, I learned that down here, any soft drink is called a "Coke", whatever flavor or brand it actually is.

So I was intrigued when I read about Coke's multi-year experiment with can design in Northern Ireland.

Their advertising agency wrote, "simplicity is the heart of a great can design that can should louder than its competitors in the cooler cabinet."

As a beadmaker, those words stuck in my head. How do they relate to our industry? (the cans do look a little like beads, don't they?) The agency also said that the consumers each had their favorite designs and would not only have a great deal of loyalty to their preferred designs, but also actively seek them out.

Perhaps that's just the human way of it. I certainly have singled out which ones I would choose. And after reading the articles, I know which two were the most popular. So let's see if our readers agree with the consumers. Choose the two looks you love. Traditional Stars, Hawaiian, Dots, Zebra, Checks or Paisley? And my other question is, if you work with design, do these choices reflect any of your work? I'll give you a clue to one of my faves. Look here.

See you tomorrow!