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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gathering Class

This is a photo of my sculptural bead class at the Gathering. I know, I should have taken some snapshots of their wonderful work, but the students are more important.

left to right: Barbara, me (Marcy Lamberson), Alison- sitting, Cathy, Max, Rachelle and Lee.

What a fun group of students they were too. We made all kinds of beads to learn sculpture- seashells, puppies, cupcakes, birds, self portraits and more. What made me the happiest was seeing them interpret an item (3-D & 2-D) that I didn't demonstrate and get it so spot on. It meant that they could look at almost any photo or object and figure out how to make it in glass. I have to say their little Vikings were wonderful too.

I'd like to thank FlameTree Glass for donating the glass for our class. Lisa St. Martin and Larry Brickman ran the class area with efficiency, professionalism, such a great attitude and helpfulness. Thanks to them too. But most of all, thanks to my students. I really liked all of you and enjoyed teaching you my passion for sculpting glass. I hope you'll send me photos of your work as you try new subjects.

Tomorrow, more about the Gathering. Perhaps a little about the presentations.