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Friday, July 3, 2009

LoriandKim's Murrini

Have you seen LoriandKim on Etsy?
It's the brainchild of Lori Peterson and good friend Kimberly Lynn who get together to make beads periodically. (really cool ones at that!)

Now, they're making murrini and have gone into business on Etsy. I found out about it last night and bought some. What a great idea.

They are all 104 COE and come in six different color paths. Lots include some sparkle in them . This one is Ocean Treasures, but the one I bought is Glamour Girl in pinks and peaches.

I can't wait to try them and will let you know. But I anticipate only a lot of fun with some of the different patterns and colors.

If you haven't used murrini before, this is how I do it.

I spot heat the place on the bead where the murrini is going to go. That means I change my flame to be pointed so it doesn't melt other parts of the bead.

I pick up my murrini chip with my tweezers and flash it in the flame a few times. Kind of like when you're introducing your rod to the heat.

I place the end of the warm (not melted) murrini onto the heated area of the glass and gently push it partially in. Then I heat it just a little and gently tap it in a little more. (I use my brass Stump Shaper, but a lot of tools would work just fine)

I keep going until it is where I want it. Careful not to heat up the murrini too much and to aim my heat on the edge of the receiving bead as well. Whether you case over it or not, that's your choice. Your murrini will probably spread a little too. As you're tapping it, remember to do it squarely on the top, so it doesn't distort the chip.

That's it! Hope you get a chance to stop by LoriandKim's etsy shop and check them out. I can't wait to see what else they offer and am so excited for some really nice fellow glass beadmakers.