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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sparklystrandz' name comes from a movie

Meet Jamie Hinson of sparklystrandz who sells at

Jamie explains how her shop got it's name. "Since my name is "Jamie", everyone thought I would naturally go with something like "Jamie's Jewelry" or something with "jewels"....i had to tell them politely that's lame, and that in no way let my personality come through. One of my favorite movies growing up was The Secret of Nimh, and the crow in the movie always calls the ruby-thingy a "sparkly", and that was always a joke of me and my anyway, jewelry is sparkly and beads come in strands usually, so "Sparkly Strandz" came about. I know I 'm a dork for naming my business after a cartoon movie, but it is what it is!! :)"

She said she's very left-brained, so most of her work is symmetrical. "It's kinda hard for me to do assymetrical things, altough I think they are very beautiful.", she said. I personally think symmetrical is soothing and very lovely too.

Please notice that her work is for the most part very classic. "I have a few items that are very personal--the awareness earrings are a cause dear to me--I lost my mother 2 years ago to breast cancer and making sure women are mindful of their health is important to me; and the Revelation bracelet I wear often because it's a great subtle way to witness to others if they ask about it", Jamie explains.

Here are photos of the earrings that Jamie described and the bracelet too. They can be found in her shop: