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Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet Silver Dragon Creations by Patricia C. Vener

Here's a chance to get to know Patricia C Vener of Silver Dragon Creations by Patricia C Vener. HerEtsy Shop name is Silver Dragon Creations.

Here are two ways to find her on the web:

"Grapes and Hyacinth Beaded Earrings that define Panache and Pizazzzzz"

Besides being downright gorgeous, this pair of yummy purple-y earrings uses both SlipLess sterling silver French earwires and a plastic earnut counterweight for balance.

Patricia explains in her description that the "technique here is a looped variation of the branched fringe technique also known as coraling. The focal beads are blue Czech firepolished crystal beads with an aurora borealis finish, there are also Indicolite Swarovski bicone with the AB finish, grape purple seed beads, lavendar gilt lined beads and etched cylinder beads for the main work." I love them!

The other photo is "Recycled Beauty Beaded Necklace with Vintage Brooch"
More delicious colors melded together. pale lavender with fuschsia lined amber beads and a recycled, wonderful brooch used in a new and wonderful way. The rhinestones are all replacement Swarovski rhinestones in aurora borealis and colors. How can you not love it?

Here are a few more questions that Patricia was kind enough to answer....

M: What do you find most challenging as an artist?

Getting all my ideas out of head and into the real world. I have so many ideas that I just don't have time to realize them. Not just jewelry but also paintings and sculptures. I really want to work on the "envelope pushers" but find myself doing other things that might be more "saleable." I wonder if that's a mistake, though.

M: What do you find most challenging as an artist trying to do business?

Selling. At first I thought it was marketing but then a converation of an online artists group made me realize that it's the selling aspect - actually looking for places to carry my work - that terrifies me.

M: Do you have a favorite medium or technique?

A single favorite, no. A great many favorites, yes! I love oils for painting but at the moment can't afford them so I work in other media and enjoy them just the same. I love the tiny seed beads but even the larger 6/0s are fun and anything that sparkles gets me excited. At the moment I have some thoughts for highly wrapped wire, gemstones and beads. I design in my head and it's going to be elaborate. So much so that it's well on its way to being ready for sketching. I guess my favorite thing is to try new things!

M: What do you love most about being an artist?

My freedom from being a work slave. Hahahaha!

M: What words of advice would you offer to other artists?

Do what you love. Don't let other people's fears hold you back (and this is a hard one!).

My thanks to Patricia Vener and please do visit her shop.