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Monday, October 29, 2007

Meet Valerie of Wanderlust & Pixiedust

Meet Valerie of Wanderlust & Pixiedust on etsy. (
Valerie told me, " My name is more an expression of me that of what I sell. That's probably mistake number #! in the business world but it feels right to me. I chose "Wanderlust" because of my love and passion for travel, flying and the rest of the big, wide world. "Pixiedust" was chosen because I've never stopped loving fairly tales and other magical tales. It is also a constant reminder to myself to never give up. To continue to dream and to believe in the impossible."

She said major influences in her shop would be the aforementioned travel, vintage and/or antique religious images and her love and obsession with all things old and interesting. She's hoping to offer additional vintage influenced jewelry soon along with a bigger selection of vintage collectibles.

I've added two photos of items offered in her shop, along with their description as Valerie has written it.

Beautiful Silver and Blue Magic Crafting Crown
"I made my first crown and put it on my melon without thinking, every time I went into my crafting room to play. Seemed to work wonders. Hmm...perhaps others might wish for a Magic Crafting Crown of their very own? This first crown I offer for sale, I decided to do in blue & sparkling silver. That silver metal flower like piece in the center is a vintage, Japanese, Christmas, ornament reflector. I found a wonderous stash of these recently at an estate sale and didn't quite know what to do with them. This seemed like the thing to do. I think it came out appearing kind of art nouveau style. You know the lovely image of the art nouveau lady with the bright orange poppies on either side of her head? Well now you can pretend to be your very own vision of loveliness while hanging out in your studio."

Rosary Style Necklace with Vintage Crucifix.
"This is a necklace that I am calling "Rosary" style. I have been hoping to create handmade rosaries but do not have all the necessary parts just yet. The necessary part in this case being a traditonal center. Instead I've used a lovely copper piece. This necklace was created using man made fresh water style pearls in a color that I would best describe as being a beautiful aquamarine. I've used copper for the "Our Father" beads. There are a total of 53 "Ave" beads. Starting off this piece is a vintage crucifix. If you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone, you've come to the right place..."

One other thing, Valerie offers glitter and mica flakes. If you love sparkles the way I do, she has some beautiful colors and a little bit goes so far. You might want to check that out too.

So stop by WanderlustNPixiedust for some vintage, altered art supplies, and andmade jewelry.