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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Joanne of Coconut Palm Designs

Meet Joanne Abrahams of CoconutPalmDesigns,(
Joanne chose her shop name because she lives in Belize and the planted over 500 coconut trees last year, so coconuts were in her head. Also she wanted something to signify that she lives in a tropical country but that it doesn't relate specifically to one type of craft or another.

Because Joanne, a Canadian, is a graphic designer who loves woodworking and sign design and as always, loves art.

Here are two of the great signs in Joanne's shop. They're handmade, carved and painted beautifully. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Zig Zag Welcome Sign
his Welcome sign is hand painted blue. All the details are carved out using a dremel and the zig zag border is painted back in in green, carmel and red.

Butterfly Welcome Sign - Custom Design
This Welcome sign is hand painted in purple. The words, butterflies and fish on the main part are carved out using a dremel and then the butterflies and fish are painted back in.

Sign measures 10" x 3.5" with the butterfly measuring almost 3" x 3".

It is hung with ribbon braided with wire for durability and sealed against the elements with an acrylic spray finish