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Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet Guest Artist Ginger Black

Meet Ginger Black, lampwork artist and person whose style is "try everything! I love bright color, natural tones, sculpture, dot formations, etc. The wide variety of what is possible with glass seems endless, and every time I sit down at my torch it's a new adventure, she explained."

Ginger's lovely lampwork can be found at

When asked about her shop name, she replied, " I chose to use my real name as my shop name because people are always so kind to give me compliments on it in person. This is the closest I've got it to being up in lights! All the credit goes to my parents for the first part and to my husband for the second.

I hope the pure joy I have creating glass beads is evident when people look at my work. I love when someone sees a piece and says, "This reminds me of..." The observer completes the art by connecting with it."

I chose two items from her shop to showcase. Their title, url and a brief description are below:

Bright colors, fun movelment all wrapped up into one big focal bead.

Get Happy
Red, yellow, orange, bright green and blue with layered dots and all around fun colors.

Stop by Ginger Black's etsy shop for fun, and diverse lampwork beads. You'll be glad you did.