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Friday, October 5, 2007

Meet Bridgette of Earmark, whose shop can be found at

She explains how Earmark Invitations got its name. "i sat down with my friendly little thesaurus one day and searched for a good word, under target i saw the word earmark, thought it had a nice ring to it (a characteristic or identifying feature, is the description). So although, it does not have a romantic sound, it is different enough that it is memorable (I hope!) "

Bridgette said that everything influences her style. " i am so in love with color, all color even the ugly ones have a perfect place! Nature influences me as well, i love trees, animals, birds, ocean... all of it it very influential."

"We put alot of time and effort into each design and card. I am very much a perfectionist and thoroughly believe that anyone who buys our cards deserves the best I can give. Our papers, envelopes and printing are top of the line and we hope it shows. If it is something that I would buy then i know I can add it to our collection, if I look at it and say "yeah, i would never buy that" than out it goes...", explains Bridgette.

And I've included two photos of items from Earmark's shop.

You'll notice the OOAK Orangy Bird Journal, which is silkscreened on a double thick charcoal gray paper. Great for special notes or even a little sketch book to carry around and inspire your own doodles and art,.

And my personal favorite, the Conempt Collection Multi Pack... It cracks me up. There's a card that serves as a personal hygiene reminder, one that says "thanks for nothing" and others that are equal to those. Definitely worth the smile.

So visit Earmark on etsy. You'll love the artwork, the smiles and the lovely cards, books and other beautiful items.